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If you have a great link to recommend, please click the discussion tab and drop me a line. We would rather not have the links to endless rock tablature posted, but rather links which are truly of educational value. Let's make this page a great and serious resource for young guitarists and teachers! Thanks!
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Classical Guitar= =
Play Guitar
Play Guitar

A new method for the study of guitar by: Naftali Lahav
A nice site for the classical guitar beginner!
Eythorsson Classical Guitar School

Music Files for classical Guitar in Public Domain - A great selection from this school in Iceland!

Jazz= =

This is the link to the jazz section of freeguitarvideos.com. Ads are mixed with the
lessons, but generally you will find good information in traditional notation and tablature.

Rock= =
Free Guitar Videos. com - The Rock Section



This is a link to the guitar index at EZFolk

Other Styles

This is the link to the lesson index of freeguitarvideos.com
Links to the various sections are:

Other Interesting Links
How Stuff Works - The Electric Guitar
Justin Sandercoe's Guitar Institute
Sue Anthony's Beginning Guitar Site
Geison's OnLine Guitar Tuner
BerkLee Shares Free Guitar Lessons
Connexions Guitar Search
Ron Lukiv's Music Theory for Guitar Players
Browse Chordie.Com
Peter Frary's Guitar Website

Gootar Guitar Chord Generator

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