Guitar Lessons

Each of these lessons has a limited purpose. Beginning students need a foundation in the basics of Physical Guitar before learning to read music. The exercises below appear in tablature, but traditional music notation is provided for music readers. Each exercise has a specific goal. It's OK to try these lessons without a teacher, but you should find a good teacher and check to be sure you're on the right track!
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Physical Guitar

Beginning Exercises & Drills

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Preliminary Picking!

2 drills for the very beginner
Open One Two Three!

Basic left hand finger drill
Take Aim!

Finding frets up the fretboard
String Hopper!

Hopping across from string to string
The Boinks!

Basic Boinks!
A Boink & A Flurry!

The Boink again - with a twist!
Strum and Tap

Beginning strums and foot tapping!
The Hammer!

Checking out hammer-ons!
Power Chords

Your first power chord lesson!
More Strumming

Easy chord couple & strum patterns
Guitar Note Chart

1st position notes on the guitar
Minor Pentatonic Intro

Intro to using minor pentatonic scales
Minor Pentatonic 2

Riffs and fun with this scale!
G Blues Practice Track

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