Guitar Fretboard Theory

Understanding Music Theory is essential for the serious guitar student! Understanding what you play on the instrument will help you to understand the secrets of the guitar fretboard. Learning the language of music will allow you to communicate more effectively with other "music" people. This general knowledge can be applied to any musical situation, or any other instrument! Your advanced understanding will make you the musical leader of your group!

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Physical Guitar Music Theory Applied To The Guitar Fretboard

Lesson Title




What Is An Interval?

Audio soon!
Defines intervals & their importance

Half & Whole Steps

Audio soon!
Learn and play the most basic intervals and scales

Naturally Occurring

Intervals On Guitar

Audio soon!
Pre-tuned intervals!

Guitar Note Chart

Audio soon!
Learn the note names! Beyond TAB!

Physical Guitar is not the "end all" voice in music theory!

Check these great web sites to further your understanding of the rudiments of music!

Ricci Adams' Music Theory website is a nice music theory site to learn the rudiments with lessons, drills, and other great features. This Guitar Trainer at takes a while to figure out,

but it's worth tinkering with!

teoría by José Rodríguez Alvira is another great site for music theory containing nice tutorials and a great reference section.

is part of the Dolmetsch Company web. They make recorders (the instrument, not the machine!) The music theory reference section is a super resource organized by Dr. Brian Blood. Click into this site and be amazed! What a wealth of information!

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